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Boost Your Brand’s Exposure with Our Auction Platform

Our auctions provide an excellent opportunity to broaden your brand’s visibility, clear out new or excess inventory, and highlight the quality of your products. Here’s how our site operates:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initiate the Process:
    • Use the contact form page to submit items you wish to auction. Link Here
  2. Verification and Posting:
    • Once verified and made a verified vendor, you can use the Vendor Store Manager link to post products and auctions.
    • Click here for store management or use the links on the menu.
  3. Secure Payment Handling:
    • Payments will be securely held by us until the item is shipped.
    • You are responsible for shipping the item discreetly and providing us with the tracking information.
  4. Release of Funds:
    • Once the customer confirms receipt of the item, we will release the funds to you, minus a 20% auction and holding fee.

This streamlined process ensures that your items reach enthusiastic buyers while we handle the logistics and security of transactions. Enhance your brand’s presence effortlessly with our trusted auction platform.

Compliance Notice: Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations. Our platform does not accept liability for any failure to comply.



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